For the moment, I'll keep posting here but I'm on tumblr now - Don't hesitate to follow me :)
Pour le moment, je continue de poster ici mais je suis sur tumblr dorénavant - N'hésitez pas à m'y suivre :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ouch. it's been a pretty long time that I haven't written anything over here.
Enzo, my little 4 years old boy, loves pirates.  I had better to 'come back' with one drawing that I did for him.
Aie, ça fait un petit moment que je n'ai rien écrit par ici...
Enzo, mon petit garçon de 4 ans, adore les pirates. Je me suis dit que ce serait une bonne idée de "revenir" avec un dessin fait pour lui.


  1. this is awesome! post more!!! :) love your stuff!

  2. Hey Gregory, I started following you only after you stopped posting here, so I'd be thrilled to see new posts from you. I hope you keep it up; you do great, inspiring work! Cheers!

  3. Thanks guys, I'll try to keep it up.

  4. Great work! Everything looks wonderful!

  5. Thanks to all of you guys and gal!
    I really should update my blog though!